Layne Ryn Alba

"Pardon this wild crazy thing I just said. I'm just not the same since there's rain in my head."

About Layne

Acting truly changed the trajectory of my life. I started acting in 2021 on social media platforms. It was a hobby at first. Just something to do with my time. It quickly evolved into a big passion. I've struggled with motivation since that fateful day as a 14-yr-old kid. This was a big deal.


My reels gained attention as my audience grew. They scored me an amazing opportunity to be a part of a film challenge. In 2023 I was cast in the short film, Rain in My Head, which won Best Film and Best Director for the EasterSeals Disability Film Challenge. I am thrilled to be awarded Best Actor for my role in the movie.

With over 600 films since its inception, the awards were held at the Cary Grant Theater at Sony Studios drawing celebrities like Jameela Jamiland Peter Farrelly. ABILITY Magazine’s George Kaplan interviewed some of the nominees and presenters in attendance on the orange carpet. Sweeping three major categories, “Rain in my Head” took home Best Director for Chrissy Marshall, Best Actor for Layne Apffel and Best Film.


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I was usually the odd one out when it came to the social aspect of my life. I was born deaf and underwent cochlear implant surgery when I was two years old. This gave me a different perspective on life and it taught me to observe and learn from my environment. This skill I had helped me with acting. Since I lacked one of the senses almost everyone uses, I studied how people interact and how emotions factor into everything single thing. I saw all the little movements a face can make and what each body language meant. It helped me understand people and the world better.



When I was 14 years old, I was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome. This explains my deafness but also told me I was eventually going to go blind. Being a teenager who loved art and drawing, I spiraled into a deep depression. I gave up on everything. Because of the diagnosis, I was forced to look at life through another lens—again—and to rebuild myself from ground zero. This started with simply wanting to live.

To Paint "Life"

After years of learning how to live life well, I now want to show the world the art of being human. This is what pushed me on the path of pursuing an acting career.


The world looks pretty dark and cruel from my perspective as a deaf, queer individual. But it also inspires me to show this world exactly what human looks like, behind and in front of a camera.